Few people realise the importance of cleaning when it comes to engine rebuilding. It is of utmost importance that all engine components receive proper cleaning before and after the initial stripping and machining process. Engines is prone to sludging after high mileage and without proper cleaning will fail prematurely. All our engine components is cleaned in acid baths or our ultrasonic cleaning machines. We remove all the oil channel plugs and welsch plugs to ensure we get rid of all the sludge, carbon and debris from failed components like damaged engine bearing material.


All cylinder heads undergo thorough inspection to ensure all the valves, valve seats, valve guides, head to block mating surfaces, camshafts, camshaft housings, rockers, valve springs, valve cotters, injector tubes, manifold mating surfaces, spark plug threads and bolt holes is within original specifications. Faulty or worn parts is replaced and machining required is done on our range of Serdi, Sunnen, Kwikway and Sioux machines.


Grinding is done on either one of our two Berco or Schou machines. Both the main bearing and conrod journals are machined undersize to suit the supplied bearings and to match original tolerances. We also make sure that all the radiuses conform to original specifications to eliminate premature crankshaft breakages. After the grinding process is completed all crankshafts is polished to a micro finish to ensure a perfect finish for longevity.


All crankshafts undergo testing for straightness and alignment, journal sizing and hardness testing before the start of grinding process.


Crack testing is carried out on all crankshafts to detect possible cracks and flaws not usually visible to the naked eye. This is done on our custom built Bemaflux machine


All cylinder blocks is either rebored to an oversize piston or resleeved back to standard factory size. This is all done to match piston sizes supplied to ensure correct piston to bore clearances as per original specifications. We also machine the deck of the block to ensure perfect gasket sealing surface and restore the counter bores for wet sleeves. This  is all done on one of three specialised reboring and milling machines.


All cylinder head and block mating surfaces are milled to perfection on one of our three  Berco surface grinders with PCD (chrystalline diamond coated carbide tip) or CBN (polycrystalline boron nitride tips). This ensures a perfect finish to accommodate multilayer steel gaskets used in the modern day engines.


All cylinder blocks is honed after reboring and resleeving to ensure  a proper bedding in surface for pistons rings. This will prevent piston and ring scuffing and high oil consumption.


All conrods is checked for alignment and straightness before we replace and machine the small end bushes and resize the conrod housings back to original specifications. This is all done on our range of Berco and Sunnen machines.


All cylinder block main bearing tunnel sizes are measured for roundness, ovality, taper and size. If not within original tolerances we resize the main bearing housings on our Berco lineboring machine to restore the tunnel size back to original specifications.


All cylinder heads and cylinder blocks undergo pressure testing in both hot and cold conditions under high pressure simulating normal driving conditions to eliminate internal cracks and leaks not visible to the naked eye. This is done on our accurate Newclear machine.


Once all the engineering and machining processes is completed the highly skilled engine assemblers assembles the complete engine. All the ring gaps, piston to bore clearances, main and big end clearances, piston protrusions  and very important cleanliness, is checked once again before the engine is closed up. All the bolts is torqued to manufacturers specifications and timing set up is proffesionally done. Each and every part fitted new or re-used undergo stringent inspection and testing by this assembler to make sure the engine is remanufactured back to original specifications. All measurements taken are recorded for future use on our jobcard system.


Fully assembled engines are either dyno tested or hot run tested subject to customers instructions. During this testing oil pressure, water temperature, kw and nm readings are all recorded for customer information. Engines are also tested for possible oil and water leaks.


Engines are fitted and commissioned by our sister company Tygerberg Auto Clinic. All auxillary items like radiators and coolant hoses, clutches, exhaust systems is checked or replaced. Engine tuning and diagnostics included in this service.


We have a wide selection of remanufactured cylinder heads, crankshafts, conrods and cylinder blocks in stock at any given time. Call our sales team for assistance. We only purchase and fit guaranteed quality replacement engine parts from reputable stockist country wide and will gladly assist our clients in making the correct choices.